Sunday, October 4, 2015

HEC says Comsats dual degree ‘worthless’

ISLAMABAD: The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has guaranteed that the Comsats Institute of Information Technology (CIIT) is charging Rs1.3 million for every understudy for a "useless" double degree.

Amid a preparation on Wednesday to the Public Accounts Committee (PAC), HEC administrator Dr Mukhtar Ahmed said CIIT charged a great many rupees from understudies for a double degree from CIIT and Lancaster University in the United Kingdom.

Dr Ahmed said the HEC had not been counseled when CIIT dispatched the project. He said the commission was educated in 2013 that Comsats had begun the project and was charging £2,000 per understudy.

CIIT began offering the double degrees in 2010. Their site says courses are taught both by their own particular staff and those of Lancaster University. It says their understudies can concentrate a piece of their degree at Lancaster University grounds.

Dr Ahmad told the advisory group that UK's instruction board did not perceive CIIT's degree and that when Lancaster University was reached, the HEC learnt the British college just honors a MS degree after finish of five years of study, while CIIT was putting forth the degree after just four years of study.

The executive included the HEC had found that Comsats' courses were just taught by their own particular scholarly staff and no Lancaster University instructors were included.

Dr Ahmad said after correspondence with Lancaster University and UK's training gathering in 2013, the HEC had exhorted CIIT to scrap their double degree program.

The commission discovered that Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) likewise did not perceive Comsats' building degree either.

The HEC director recommended CIIT be requested that discount £2,000 to every understudy or that they ought to reserve one year's study for their understudies at Lancaster.

PAC part Sheik Rohail Asghar asked the HEC for what reason they had not mediated in the matter in 2010 when CIIT began offering the project. He said lethargy by the HEC has put understudies' future in question. Accordingly Dr Ahmad said the HEC had no energy to prevent a foundation from offering courses.

PAC part Mehmood Khan Achakzai asked Dr Ahmed whether the HEC had ever issued a notification to Comsat requesting that they stop their project to which the HEC seat said he was not leader of the commission at the time. He said he had reached the then director of the commission, Javed Leghari, who had said CIIT was looking for consent however that their solicitation had been denied.

The PAC had summoned the minister and ace minister of CIIT to the meeting however both were missing because of different engagements.

Director of PAC Syed Khursheed Ahmad Shah guided the board of trustees' secretary to issue notification to them and to put off further procedures till October

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Private school owners in Peshawar refuse to attend meeting

PESHAWAR: The proprietors of non-public schools declined to go to a meeting gathered by the locale organization on Monday to examine the issue of swelled charges. The region organization had assembled the conference of the considerable number of partners to examine the issue.

In any case, Deputy Commissioner Riaz Mehsud, why should gathered seat the meeting, couldn't achieve the venue even one and half hour behind the timetable. This incited the school proprietors to leave the meeting and serenade trademarks against him.

The walkout changed over into a complete blacklist of the meeting, when Additional Deputy Commissioner Osama Warraich attempted to press the proprietors to apologize to the representative chief for droning mottos against him.

Tuition based schools Association President Aqeel Razzaq, who was driving the designation, said the region organization was not the proper gathering to talk about the matter, but rather notwithstanding that they turned up.He said they were continued sitting tight for a considerable length of time. A few folks present on the event droned mottos against the proprietors of non-public school while others censured the delegate official for neglecting to appear.

The agent chief, in any case, led a meeting went to by folks and authorities of the area organization. He said that the locale organization had gotten various grumblings against the tuition based schools for fleecing folks with extreme charges for the most part for the sake of security, particularly after the sad episode of Army Public School.

The authority said the region organization would work out standard working techniques for the schools to settle educational cost expenses and different charges. He said that a board involving every one of the partners would be framed under the area nazim to keep a beware of non-public schools.

The folks griped about cheating by the schools regardless of low quality of training and absence of offices.